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BARTER FOR YOUR LUNCH at Hummus Bros to support Cancer Research UK

Hummus Bros and Cancer Research UK are teaming up once again to offer Londoners the opportunity to dine without spending a penny - all while raising money for charity.

Barter for your meal by bringing in clothes, DVDs, household goods and other quality goods that will be sold in Cancer Research UK shops to help raise funds for their groundbreaking research. A Cancer Research UK charity shop expert will assess donations and the equivalent value can be used towards food at Hummus Bros. Cancer Research UK are completely reliant on support from the public

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Do Bring:
Clothes, Hand Bags, Shoes, Jewellery, Accessories, Pictures, DVDs, Books, Small Household Goods

Do Not Bring:
Electrical Items, Broken Items

How many items should I bring?
2-3 items per person is great. The more you bring, the better. Any genuine donation will get you some lunch.

Will it all go to charity?
Yes, 100% of donated items will go to charity.

What food will be served?
Our entire menu (while stocks last).

Why is Hummus Bros hosting Barter Day?
As the credit crunch worsens, demand for second-hand goods has skyrocketed while donations to charity shops has plumeted. Hummus Bros hopes to help answer Cancer Research UK's urgent stock appeal.

Who can I talk to about Barter Day?
phone: 020 7726 8011